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Carol Fealey, M.S.Ed., C.C. 
The Compassionate Communication Expert

Workshop Descriptions 

The following workshops are available in a two-hour seminar format, full and half day workshops or as a series of classes for a comprehensive communication improvement in your group. My teachings include fun, interactive exercises that inspire participants with practical strategies and a fresh perspective.  
Workplace Communication

Foster productive interpersonal communication with colleagues and clients 

Effective communication in the workplace is essential for a company to create value and retain the best employees. In today’s global economy, all employees must be able to communicate and work together smoothly to achieve goals. Nurturing a comfortable, non-threatening, respectful environment where individuals have the skills to share their strategic vision provides a foundation for optimal growth and increased success. 

In this workshop, we cover the principles of Nonviolent Communication as it relates to colleagues and customers:  

  • Dealing with difficult co-workers and customers gracefully and effectively
  • Communicating with colleagues with compassion for positive results
  • Increasing cooperation and sincere contributions among team members
  • Expressing opinions and discontent with respect
  • Learning to give and receive honest feedback without taking it personally
  • Resolving conflict through dialogue and mediation skills that create connection
  • Developing listening skills for a deeper understanding of colleague and client needs
  • Revealing the consequences of gossip, negativity, cliques and rumors

 Workshops with a specific focus on customer relations, team building, in-house communication and negotiating for win-win resolutions are available. Participants will learn clear, practical and compassionate strategies for results-oriented communication.  


Compassionate Communication: The Signature Workshop 

Learn the foundational techniques of communicating effectively and compassionately using the Principles of Nonviolent Communication*.This workshop covers communication skills that create connection, such as listening for the truth, giving and receiving empathy, handling emotional upsets, transforming hurtful communication habits, getting your needs met and discovering the power of choice. Participants will walk away with new communication skills that they can use to create a greater sense of peace and joy in all of their relationships.  

Compassionate Communication: Beyond the Basics 

Continue the conversation of our Compassionate Communication Signature workshop with Part Two of this empowering series. In this workshop, we review the basics of Compassionate Communication while delving deeper into the advanced practices of Nonviolent Communication, including the art of making requests versus demands, ways to care for your own needs, expressing anger without hurt, blame or aggression and effective ways to create better work and home relationships without using force and punishment. Participants will leave the workshop with confidence to handle any communication challenge that life presents with ease and grace.  

Pre-requisite: Participation in the Compassionate Communication Signature Workshop


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