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Carol Fealey, M.S.Ed. M.A.,  C.C.

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As the Compassionate Communication Expert, I work with people seeking a more meaningful life and better relationships. I blend the art and science of coaching and counseling to help clients communicate better and experience life more fully.

While studying Sociology at Adelphi University, I became fascinated with human behavior, education and communication. I then earned a Master’s degree in Education at Hofstra University, where I specialized in Counseling. My love of learning has led me to pursue a doctorate in Sociology at Stony Brook University.

As an educator, I am known for my loving, no-nonsense approach. Simply put: I expect more. And those I work with are thrilled to realize they are meeting the goals they set for themselves. As a counselor, I work with clients to examine the patterns of their lives, and the roles they play as husband, wife, boss, employee, parent or child. Then, we get curious, investigate their compelling lives and look at what they would like to improve.

My passion for helping people improve their lives led me to the practice of coaching. The traditional practice of counseling does not emphasize action; however, action is an essential component of change and growth. Through my studies at the Coach Training Alliance, I infuse my counseling with results-oriented coaching, which leads to dynamic transformation.

My work is inspired by my own life experience. After getting married at age 19 and dedicating the next 20 years of my life to my husband and children, I woke up one morning and found myself wanting to experience even more out of life. I loved caring for my family, but my entire identity was based on my roles as a wife and mother. I wanted to reconnect with a deeper and more expansive part of myself.

Enrolling in college at age 40 was a turning point in my life. I discovered that I am voracious learner, and I started to experience life more fully. As I began this exciting chapter, I became aligned with my passions and connected to my values. This led to an unexpected, yet wonderful change: Improved relationships with my friends and family.

Most importantly, I awoke to the truth that people thrive on change, fresh beginnings and new opportunities. By looking at my clients without judgment, I see them for who they are instead of who they were. Through my belief in the power of change and second chances, we break out of ruts, explore options and create a life of meaning.

Are you ready for a new beginning?

Please come back often to learn about my upcoming events, resources and special offers. It is never too late to start living in alignment with your passions and values!

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