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Today we are all inundated with emails in our inbox. It takes a great deal of time to sort through it all just to find the emails that are useful and meaningful. Doing so can drain us and use up valuable time. It is important to me that I not add to or create any undue stress. My hope is that when you receive an email from Fealz Wonderful, that you take it as an opportunity to take a deep breath and give yourself permission to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. If at any time, you feel that you cannot do so, or you do not find the correspondence helpful, please feel free to send me an email and unsubscribe.

I would very much like to stay connected with you. Therefore, I would like to provide you with a gift of my professional and personal "words of wisdom", which I hope you will find inspiring and helpful. While our lives may differ in many ways, it is my belief that we all share many commonalities. I am constantly delighted when I read a book, an article, listen to a radio show, or attend a lecture and hear someone else find the words to describe a feeling or a thought that I had trouble clarifying. I find myself nodding my head and feeling connection to a shared understanding with another human being. Those shared moments are what make us human and deepen the meaning of our experiences.

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