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Carol Fealey

Compassionate Communication Expert

Programs and Rates

Permanent change takes time and practice to become fully integrated into your life. I have designed the following programs to give you the on-going support you need to create the results you want to experience.

All of my programs cover the following topics:

  • Understanding your limiting beliefs and behaviors and discovering ways to change them
  • Learning self-mastery skills that improve all of your relationships
  • How to handle upsets, emotions and conflicts with compassion
  • Discovering ways to get your needs met and feel more at peace
  • Finding greater meaning and connection in your life and to live with purpose
  • Being seen for you really are—the best version of yourself
  • Feeling supported like never before
  • Focusing on what you can accomplish
  • Finding new options and resources that inspire you
  • Receiving email support in-between sessions for a quick strategy or to share a success
  • Access to my in-office book store for extra support

Powerful insights and momentum are immediate, yet I do ask clients to stay with me for a minimum of 3 months so that we may affect substantial change. Sessions are available in-person and via telephone and are booked weekly for the first 3 months, creating flexibility in the frequency of your sessions once the foundation of your customized program has been set.

The Flow Program - 24 Session Package

Invest in yourself and learn how to live in the current, feel more in the “flow” and experience life with greater ease and grace. This is the most comprehensive and supportive program I offer, allowing for weekly sessions for a period of six months.

$70 per session payable in full or via six monthly installments of $280

The Momentum Program - 12 Session Package

Receiving consistent support creates momentum, insights and inspired action that swiftly move you toward the life you want.

$75 per session payable in full or via installments of $300 per month, for three months

The Discovery Program - 6 Session Package

Discover if my unique blend of counseling, coaching and mentoring is right for you with this introductory package.

$80 per session payable in full or via two installments of $240

Would you like to attend your sessions with your partner or selected family members? For an additional 15% per package rate, all the above packages are available for Couples or Families (a maximum of four family members per session).

Individual Sessions - $85

Group Sessions - I’m available for group coaching and counseling to small and large organizations and associations looking for support and guidance on creating harmony and compassionate communication skills for their members. In addition, I offer a wonderful series of workshops on Compassionate Communication. Click here to learn more about my workshops.

FealzWonderful provides both telephone and face-to-face life coaching and counseling
627 Broadway, Massapequa, NY 11758


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As with each of my sessions, everything you tell me is confidential - including your name and e-mail address. I will never give it to anyone or send you spam!

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